International Seminar on Network Theory Keynote – Bruno Latour (via USCAnnenberg)

Una interesante y divertida charla de Latour sobre la noción de red y su potencial heurístico para la investigación social.


2 comentarios en “International Seminar on Network Theory Keynote – Bruno Latour (via USCAnnenberg)

  1. Para los interesados, en esta dirección se pueden encontrar las distintas charlas de este interesante encuentro.

    Incluída una charla de Manuel Castells: “A network theory of power”. En ella, se da una breve pero interesante discusión entre él y Latour que recomiendo leer (habrá más sobre este asunto en este blog en breve porque es algo en lo que vengo trabajando):

    “Latour: In the term network power, neither “network” nor “power” is enlightening. First, he suggested abandoning the concept of power, asking if there is anything that is not power. Second, he pointed to the inflationary, even hegemonic use of the term network today. Latour asserted that because of the traceability of human action today we tend to call every phenomenon network, rather than using traditional categories such as territory, society, macro. In addition, Latour disagreed with Castells about the importance of theory – only theory can give precision to a confused concept of networks.

    Castells agreed to disagree completely with Latour. For him, power is not everywhere. It is a fundamental, but particular type of relationship. He also distinguished between power as relational and domination as an institutional concept. In contrast to earlier societies, the core activities of the network society are organized in networks, based on information and communication technology. Therefore, there are quantitative and qualitative differences between contemporary networks and those of other societies and historical periods”.


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